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November 2011


posted at 30/11/11

a 6


osted at 28/11/11



posted at 27/11/11

65 x 50 cm


posted at 26/11/11

65 x 50 cm


posted at 25/11/11

65 x 50 cm


posted at 23/11/11

65 x 50 cm


posted at 22/11/11

65 x 50 cm


posted at 21/11/11

70 x 50 cm


posted at 20/11/11

Digi workshop @ Bonnefanten today. Conclusion: kids are better at it then adults..

Photographs by Peter Hermesdorf


posted at 19/11/11

unfinished paintings


posted at 17/11/11

14 x 21 cm


posted at 16/11/11


digital drawing


posted at 15/11/11

digital drawing


posted at 13/11/11




Hi there dear Daily fans. I am on the road.. again.. my grandmother is celebrating her 94th birthday, and that is definitely something one should not miss.

There probably will be a new drawing on sunday :-))

(In the meantime you can try to find the words that are hidden in the key beneath.. Extra exciting for people who do not speak dutch...)

posted at 10/11/11






posted at 09/11/11

Drawing together with Shahib Sidow



posted at 08/11/11

Recently I made a silk-screen print, it is dedicated to the city I live in.

If you would like to learn more about this print, then please check the link on the index page. (It is in dutch, but if you are curious I will send a translation by mail)

The most important thing: buy it ! This way you will support the graphic studio in Maastricht.

60 x 70 cm


posted at 07/11/11

 14 x 21 cm


posted at 06/11/11



posted at 05/11/11

could not resist sharing this wonderful dance with you..


Pilobolus dance theatre


posted at 04/11/11



posted at 03/11/11

14 x 21 cm