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October 2012


posted at 30/10/12

C u there


flyer design by Eloy Kruijntjes and Marie van Vollenhoven


Sneak preview:





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posted at 28/10/12

A 4

posted at 27/10/12

4,5 x 11 cm


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21 x 13.5 cm


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posted at 23/10/12

A 4

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posted at 19/10/12

Tomorrow (20 october) in Aachen: INFRONT festival starts at 19.30 h. Please come, and wait till late night, 23.00h, to experience Nanophony, an exiting interdisciplinary visual/jazz performance about science.

We have spent a lovely friday in the Ludwig Forum building up.. We are ready. C u there!

With vocals: Sabine Kühlich, soundresearch: Kaspar König, baritone sax: Stien Carlier and visuals: Marie van Vollenhoven, and even more!!


Nanophony Ludwig Forum


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posted at 17/10/12


I think this is the translation, but I am not sure if it is correct:

i am afraid of almost everything, but I do not seem to feel it, my fear


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posted at 09/10/12

I was working today and I did not find the time to make a drawing, but I did have a great day together with my colleague Ton Franssen, we enjoyed looking at what young people come up with:

THE WHITE BOX OF PANDORA from Marie van Vollenhoven on Vimeo.



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posted at 05/10/12

An impression of the Nanophony project that we performed this year in the theatre in Maastricht.

Saturday the 20st of october we play in Ludwig Forum during the In Front festival in Aachen. (Facebook) Check us out: our crazy science/jazz/visual art/dance performance!

Remember that these scientific developments are your future reality ;-)

Or click here for the pictures and more info about the project

( Please do not be to critical on the audio quality.. We did not use the fine tuned version for this video )

Compositions by:
1.LAB INTRO – Kaspar König
2.DNA song – Max Wallrath and Kaspar König
3.Artificial meat song – Sabine Kühlich
4.CERN 1 – Piotr Torunski
5.Cyborg chopper flight – Jelle de Meester & Kaspar König
6.Formula – Marie van Vollenhoven
7.Nano-pill animation – NANO department of Twente University
8.CERN 2 – Piotr Torunski 

posted at 04/10/12

25 x 32 cm


posted at 02/10/12

Improve my brain health and performance? I don't think so...

Marie van Vollenhoven brain improvement



posted at 01/10/12

For this project in the library in Maastricht I asked people to paint their favorite books and their literary fantasies.
I have worked together with Myrthe van Eizenga.
Dancers: Brigitte Ramaekers & Anouk Habets
Music: Tom Waits 'Books of Moses'


stop-motion movie