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August 2013


posted at 30/08/13

Scars keep looking for the authors.


posted at 28/08/13

This friday and saturday you must come to Maastricht!

Atelier Jungblut

Act of Painting

Works by me

Marie van Vollenhoven

Works beneath by Ray Moon

Ray Moon


posted at 25/08/13

50 x 60 cm


posted at 24/08/13

Dear viewer, I haven't been posting a lot of drawings lately. I was too distracted by all sorts of things. For example by a painters collective that I have recently joined. It is called: The act of painting

Here is something for the Dutch followers, it is an interview, that says something about how I work and how I think about my work. (It will be translated in English later on)


posted at 23/08/13



posted at 15/08/13



posted at 12/08/13



posted at 9/08/13

Back in town again!

Last couple of weeks I have been travelling.

Here is my drawing diary:


Gare de Bruxelles

Rue de Ménilmontant, Paris

Gare Montparnasse and Gare de Rennes, Paris

Gare de Dol de Bretagne

Somewhere in Saint-Malo

Château de Saint-Malo

Porte de Dinan, Saint-Malo

Aquarium, Saint-Malo

English breakfast, St Helier, Jersey

St. Brelades bay, Jersey

Queenstreet, St. Helier, Jersey

Plemont beach, Jersey

St. Sampson Harbour, Guernsey

Bordeaux harbour, Guernsey

Ladies bay, Guernsey

Saints corner, , Guernsey

The Albion Tavern, Guernsey

Victor Hugo @ the Guernsey museum

Iphone age worrier @ the Guernsey museum

Train from Paris Nord to Bruxelles