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February 2013


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I went to the graphic studio in Den Bosch yesterday. Peter Koene, my fellow-dailydrawer, knows all about linocut. This is my second try. Peter says only amateurs will cut their name directly in the linoleum.

Please have a look at the website of the graphic studio to check out its interesting exhibitions:


Linocut by Peter Koene:


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Today you can see the result of two educational workshops that my colleagues and I did with kids. The kids were inspired by the movie Wasteland to make their own rubbish-dump. Only this one is not smelly and could actually make you like garbage.

'Wasteland' is an inspiring project by artist Vik Muniz. Website:


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Back again. I have been to London last week to inhale some fresh city air. Also, I tried to improve my home made English a bit. Here is a journal wtih drawings, photographs and text.

Stuff in red is clickable.


I saw a women checking her Iphone and a man checking his novel on the train from London to Beaconsfield.


Enjoying the mountain landscape.

Don't mess with The Grapes of this lady.

(image above) Going into the dark to see the light (and beneath)

A film installation at the Wapping

A black house. A blue door. A happy person behind it?

My friend Izzy has gloves that look like porridge

I went to this strange little bar in Notting Hill, called the Mau Mau Bar (Try 'MAU' with Google). All ages and races were represented over there, not what you would have expected after seeing the movie.

The music fits the audience. Is it a mixture of reggae, brass, blues and dubstep? Couldn't quit work it out.. The facebookpage confirms my confusion.

'Sir, could I please do a portrait of you? You have an amazing face'

Ok, Lightshow sold out for today, back-up plan: make drawings. Do it today. 'It' can be practicallly everything, that means even lazy people are active.

Have a seat.

Next day...

The Lightshow at The Hayward. It was brilliant.

If you consider going, book in advance. In London art is often sold out.

Anthony McCall

Olafur Eliasson

Leo Villareal

The Bush (where the books come from)

People shelter in their own thoughts, maybe because the presence of thoughts of all these different people is kind of like an internal rainstorm.

No thoughts, just rhythm.

Some hanging out in Soho today. I decided on an Americano to start with and I entered the Old Coffeehouse. When I ordered the bartender looked at me as if I were from another planet.

'Coffee? I could make you some instant coffee, but they will make you an excellent cappuccino just across the road' But I had fallen in love already with the old pots , so I acted with style and I ordered a beer. He looked down at the alien and said: 'A lager probably...'

'The George' is the name of this bar and It could easily have been the name of the guy on the left.

'The Endurance'

This is the guy who arranges security, therefor he was watching me while I was drawing, all the time. Finally he had the guts to ask me his question. 'Could you paint me?'

'I could try', I answered. I think I really made his day, he kept on looking at the picture and he was smiling like a child that is allowed to stay up late. He showed it to everyone; ' Look, you see, that is me' , he said.

This is what I look like after a day in Soho. Superb portrait by Isobel Dunhill and Anna Smith

(Having the hiccups, thanks to the Old Coffeehouse)

Izzy and Anna.

Packing up.

'The workers' they are called. But surprisingly, when you ask them they never introduce themselves that way. Father and son, Alessandro and Hugo, anarchists, decoraters and perfectionists, they call themselves.

Hugo is a graphic designer, he prefers working with his father rather than working for a boss doing standard commercial stuff. His father is a multi talent (great stories with an Italian accent).

They work hard, so calling them the workers is quit alright, maybe we should all start working.

Warm houses and vigorous cranes.

Tate Modern is artists homework (like the Royal Academy, the Portrait Gallery, etcetera)

It is difficult sometimes to appreciate the work of Joseph Beuys, if you were not actually 'there'.

But this piece intrigued me, it made me wonder if it it was hiding a potential explosion. A fine balance. From the Zeitgeist' performance the sign said.

Santa Mofokeng: 'Do these images serve a a testimony of mental colonisation?'

Medea. I absolutely loved it (allthough the dancing was a bit cheesy, in the first act), and I cried at the end, like you are suppossed to.

Then I heard the criticism of a guy seated behind me 'Such a waste of talent, it was too long, there was no heart in the music'


Liège Guillemins, almost home, can't wait! But.. I am waiting, there is only one train every hour from Liège to Maastricht. They try to keep Maastricht from becoming a real city. I don't mind.

The Guillemins railway station is an example of fantastic contemporary architecture. Really, I love it, the strong lines and the light and everything, very impressive.

But, it is so cold there and incredibly draughty. Maybe the design is inspired by our modern western society?

But hey, they have some heating for a small group of people. Belgium style, don't bother hiding the flex. and let's not tell the architect.

That's all for now folks. Back to the regular Dailydrawing from monday on.


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I am having a little break, please visit again in a week, or enjoy the archive.


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29 x 40 cm


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220 x 160 cm


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