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October 2014


posted at 31/10/14

14 x 9 cm


posted at 18/10/14

Dear visitor, I am out of office until the end of october.

Feel free to pick an apple while waiting.

14 x 21 cm


posted at 13/10/14

15 x 20 cm


posted at 10/10/14

Here is a preview of 'LOOKING BACK' in AINSI theatre, Lage Kanaaldijk 112 in Maastricht

Come to our premiere this thursday evening at 20.30h !

Buy tickets here: Theater aan het Vrijthof (or at the door)

We preceed the show of that evening by choreographer Tabea Martin. Afterwards you can listen to live jazz.

Looking back is a collaboration between Amsterdam based collective House of Makers, Roderik Povel and me.

The result is: poetry, video, animation, and dance all in one piece (15 minutes)



Text: Sterre van Rossem
Choreochraphy: Peter Leung
(national ballet) Dancers:
Matthew Pawlicki-Sinclair
Clotilde Tran-Phat
Bowie Verschuuren
Marie van Vollenhoven
Voice (live performance):
Roderik Povel


posted at 09/10/14



posted at 06/10/14

14 x 21 cm


posted at 03/10/14



posted at 02/10/14

14 x 21 cm