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March 2015


posted at 29/03/15

I've had an amazing weekend in Antwerpen and Eindhoven with a lot of interesting art and rain.

Here are a couple of sketches and photographs.

Visiting Annette de Keyser gallery

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website Manfre Du Schu (current exhibition)


Website Panamarenko



Website Ricardo Brey


Tripel Karmeliet Face


Endhoven STRP !

Compagnie Adrien M / Claire B

Fred Penelle & Yannick Jacquet

bye bye


posted at 27/03/15



posted at 26/03/15

great speakers @ STRP today, very inspiring.

For example Francesca Gavin:

screen on no screen



posted at 24/03/15

from the SCAPE series



posted at 22/03/15



posted at 19/03/15

a4, details, work in progress


posted at 18/03/15



posted at 16/03/15



posted at 11/03/15

Last saturday was the first edition of Mini jazz in AINSI. It was a great evening!

With the big band of conservatory Maastricht, Beeldjutters, Yuri Honing and amazing Julia Biel.

(and french fries for dinner)



posted at 11/03/15

computer/internet collage


posted at 10/03/15

from the SCAPE series (bic pen)

'unity of action, time & space'

unity of action, time & space



posted at 08/03/15

Video art / Short movie
Slices of time
(in Dutch! )

slices of time from Marie van Vollenhoven on Vimeo.

Video art / Short movie
Slices of time meeting each other.

Fragments from: 'In hoger sferen' - Paul Witteman
spoken word by Njanja
Fragmenten uit 'In hoger sferen' - Paul Witteman
voorgelezen door Njanja


posted at 05/03/15

collage: photography, oil painting, photoshop

posted at 04/03/15

collage: photography, oil painting, photoshop


posted at 04/03/15

Beneath is a new oil painting.

For my series please visit my site

Two infinite sides to every riddle, 2015, 180 x 120 cm

oil painting