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May 2015


posted at 28/05/15

Yesterday was the informal opening of my work presentation in the office of The artist and the others.

The works will be on show for a couple of months. If you are around (Maastricht, centre) feel free to send me an email if you would like to take a look.

Also I have finished a new painting:

Fire, part of the elements series, click here

(photo, detail above is by Diego Punzuoli)


posted at 25/05/15



posted at 24/05/15

45 x 26 cm


posted at 16/05/15



posted at 15/05/15

Today @ Fiber Festival



posted at 10/05/15

Screenshots of my live ART VJ performance @ the WE-festival yesterday

screenshots digital live art


posted at 09/05/15

Work in progress

oil paintings


posted at 08/05/15

Good morning Limburg



posted at 06/05/15

'SCAPE - WGB matter ' (white-grey-black)

A3 Bic pen

For my series please visit my site, click here.


posted at 04/05/15

New oil paintings. For my series please visit my site, click here.

'UNIVERSAL' 120 x 120 cm

'OPEN EARTH' 180 x 120 cm

oil paint on canvas


posted at 02/05/15

digital art