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February 2016


posted at 25//02/16

Although I have been drawing a lot, I have not been posting a lot.

Beneath are some of the sketches/drawings/photographs I have been making :-)

+ here an example of my live digital interactive painting (check the movie here)


+ some computer drawings and my first attempt to make a simple painting program for my performances:


slices of leaders

24 x 32 cm

sketchbook drawings:

14 x 21 cm

14 x 21 cm

14 x 21 cm

14 x 21 cm


attending a creativity training/workshop:

50 x 70 cm

posted at 11//02/16

ghostly matter

54 x 72 cm


posted at 08//02/16

A couple of days ago I have visited Amsterdam to see an art exhibition.

For the Dutchies, een persoonlijk commentaar op mijn blog


Expositie Germaine Kruip

Geometry of the Scattering
26.11.2015 – 27.03.2016

Oude Kerk Amsterdam

14 x 21 cm ( invert )

posted at 1//02/16

underdrawing (detail)