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January 2016


posted at 31//01/16

layered powerful concert by ESKA


collage drawing & photograph




posted at 29//01/16

14 x 21 cm


posted at 28/01/16

mirror without self-reflection

14 x 21 cm


posted at 25/01/16

Here is a 4 min compilation of our show INFINITY (45 min)

Was fun looking back, hope we can perform again !



posted at 23/01/16

14 x 21 cm


posted at 20/01/16

14 x 21 cm

posted at 18/01/16

we need some magic

14 x 21 cm

posted at 16/01/16 + posted at 17/01/16

Witzli Poetzli (bar in Antwerp)

In train

thoughts / scapes

posted at 17/01/16

The next day in Antwerp day I saw a couple of perfomances @ WP ZIMMER.

Dounia Mahammed's solo performance by was breathtaking, layered, simple and complex. I hope many people get to see it.

posted at 16/01/16

I have visited Antwerp, I saw a beutiful exhibition in Annette de Keyser gallery. I especially enjoyed the works of Marc Claes.

Large energetic surfaces. If you come closer and take time, you notice thousends of thoughts, drawings, landscapes, complaints, celebrations and so on.

above: large drawingpainting

beneath: details

posted at 14/01/16

digital drawing

posted at 13/01/16


posted at 12/01/16

small drawings

posted at 09/01/16

work in progress

detail oilpainting

posted at 06/01/16



posted at 05/01/16

5 x 9 cm


posted at 03/01/16

5 x 9 cm

posted at 02/01/16

5 x 9 cm


posted at 01/01/16

Happy new year !

Active harmony

Bic Pen, 48 x 65 cm